PHYSIOTHERAPY with Tracey Pons

Tracey is an experienced, expert, Physiotherapy Pain Specialist who can assist you with your management of persistent pain or difficulty with movement and pain related disability . She is able to provide you a working diagnosis; a treatment plan for optimal recovery, and supervise your pain management rehabilitation towards your personal goals.

Tracey provides comprehensive management, treatment , exercise rehabilitation and advice. She works closely with all members the medical team who may also be involved with your care. She is a recognised leader in the physiotherapy management of complex pain conditions involving all conditions of the muscle-tendon-ligament-bone-nerve brain-system.

Dr Tracey Pons PhD (Health Science, UOtago) MHealSc (distinction,  UOtago), PGDipHealSc (distinction,  UOtago), BSc Physio, MNZSP, MPNZ, MIASP

Tracey may be able to help you avoid surgery and get you back to doing the things you like to do. Surgery may still be important and Tracey’s help may optimise your surgical result. Tracey is ACC registered. Private patients and Whanau are all welcome. Contact Tracey today to arrange an appointment.

Tracey’s clinic is in Kaiapoi, 20 minutes north of Christchurch. She takes referrals for complex pain cases from across the South and North Island.

A referral is preferable to see Tracey and she does prioritise high-need cases that are referred. You can be referred by your doctor, treating physiotherapist, psychologist, or other medical or allied health professional.

To book an appointment call Tracey on:


Mobile: +64 021 236 2111

Tel +64 3 327 2359 work,   Fax: +64 3 3272329